Sleeve Notes 101: “This is a desperate SOS”

Thursday, September 01, 2005

“This is a desperate SOS”

Those are the desperate words of New Orlean's mayor! As the situation continues to deteriorate for those in and around this great city, and as the "golden 72 hour window" begins to run out, my heart hurts. I wish I could go, but I can't! Britney Spears has offered her prayers and that is all well and good and I join her, but a nagging thought has continued to run through my head! Surely there's more I can do besides offer a few prayers while safely tucked in my nice home and my beautiful neighborhood! In researching the various disaster relief organizations, I am continually struck by all that the American Red Cross does to help those facing disasters around the world. Once again, they are at the forefront in this disaster. If you can't go, then donate even a little money or clothes or time! To stand by and do nothing is just bad karma!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks, in fact I donated today along with other employees from work. I encourage everyone to give no matter how little it may be.

2:33 PM  
Anonymous Mom said...

Our church is donating 3 homes for 3 needy families; we are coordinating who and how to get them down here; we're also giving through the salvation army who is also there on the front lines, as well as giving through our church organization.

God help us all to do SOMETHING, no matter how small; if all would do something, the need would be met...what an opportunity.

And prayer is ultimately important, as well as action; both play a mighty role.

Love you much,

2:40 PM  

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