Sleeve Notes 101: 11/05/2006 - 11/12/2006

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Let Your Voice Be Heard!

I grew up in a family that believed that the two best topics around the dinner table were God and Politics! From a young age, we were able to discuss our questions about God, the politics of the day and the intertwining of the two. As my siblings and I grew older, the questions about God evolved and as they did, so did our view of politics and the place of religion in politics. Today, my siblings and I are very individual in our religious and political beliefs. And we are all very vocal.

This morning I left my house at 6:30a and made my way to the Polling Place assigned to me by the Los Angeles County Clerk. I was surprised, pleasantly, when I got there and found the line was long! I waited patiently and eventually I stuck my card in (none of those vote robbing electronic Diebold systems for us), inked my choices and walked out proudly displaying my "I Voted!" sticker.

November 7 is the day for American's to make our voice heard! Today is the day I let my voice be heard! Like every election since I can remember, I'm scanning every exit poll I can get my hands on to try to gain a feeling on the pulse of my fellow voters. Tomorrow I believe we will wake up and began to shake off a bit of the darkness that has permeated our political landscape. My friend Scott has even made a grand prediction. Perhaps he's on to something.

They say you should never talk about politics or religion around the dinner table. Whoever "they" are should probably take a lesson from my family - politically and religiously diverse and vocal as heck about the issues and questions we hold dear, we also believe in listening to the other voices however different they may be.

This year, I support our President when he says "Let your voice be heard!" Of course, I think that's about the only area of support he's gonna get from me.

No matter what the outcome of the election this year, I ask to you join me in remembering that no matter our political affiliation or our deeply held beliefs, we are ALL united by the bond that is our citizenship in this great country...America!